Over the last fifty five years we have been producing a wide range of gastronomical specialties which are enriching every year thanks to new products belonging to the ancient italian cooking tradition.
The careful choice of raw materials, the recovery of old regional recipes, and the knowledge in processing as well as the use of advanced know-how together with qualitative and microbiological inspection make our products deserve more and more the appreciation of a growing italian and international clientele.
Pasta d'acciughe
Bread, butter and anchovy paste are ingredients of a snack that links two generations, one that has enabled our company to transform itself from a small artisan business to an advanced technology facility with strict controls of the production chain and careful selection of raw materials.
As it has roots in Tuscany – a region so rich in culinary traditions – our company couldn’t help but enjoy its beneficial influence, thus enlarging its own range of products like the Veg Spread, the Chianina and Wild boar ragù, the Garlic Sauce, the Tuscan spread and Acciugata just to mention a few.

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