Among the hills of Chianti, immersed in the greenery between the villages of Grassina and Impruneta, there was in 1957 a small store of food owned by Mr. Luciano Casamenti. He thought about how to use anchovies in salt that “maturing over time” had an exceptionally appetizing aroma, but unfortunately with no market for sale.
Thus, the first craftsmanships of anchovy sauce were started and immediately gained a great appreciation among customers, so much that the demands of this product gradually increased pushing the owner to make the big jump: ​​from a small laboratory to a food producing company.


Pasta d'acciughe
The choice of the place to create this activity fell on the area of Migliarino, a few kilometers from the port of Viareggio, where every day, from May to October, hundreds and hundreds of fresh anchovy trays were unloaded by the fishing boats lying in their net In front of the sea.
In 1959 Casamenti bought a small shed from a salted anchovy company so that it could use the fish salad equipment and the experience of the workers who have been producing this article for years.
Since the beginning of the business to nowadays, Triglia constantly grew up: we improved the size of the shed, the company’s equipment, the time spent on updating its  quality research, and the skills of its own employees. Our tuscan company today is appreciated by an increasing number of customers.

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